Mature woman getting her smile back with dentures

How Dentures Can Give You Back a Beautiful Smile

Losing your teeth in your old age can be difficult. Where you once had a gorgeous smile, you now worry that people will notice your damaged or lost teeth. Your self-confidence falters, and your life begins to change. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could smile freely again? At Alaska

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Woman having dental veneers being placed on front tooth gap

Closing Front Tooth Gaps With Dental Veneers

Even if you’ve taken great care of your teeth over the years by brushing twice daily, flossing after every meal, and visiting your dentist regularly, you may be wishing for a brilliant white smile – one without the gap between your front teeth. Spaces between your teeth may be minimal,

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Woman choosing tooth shade for professional teeth whitening

How Often Should You Professionally Whiten Your Teeth?

When you are gearing up for a big event, a family or work gathering, a reunion, or even just a Zoom call with important customers, your smile helps represent your best self. That is if your smile is uncompromised. When you drink coffee, tea, juice, or other stain-inducing drinks or

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Man looking at his new dental implants that prevent bone loss in mirror

Benefits of Implants: How Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Nothing lights up a room like a beautiful smile! If broken or missing teeth have been chipping away at your self-esteem, Alaska Dental Arts can help restore your smile and boost your confidence again. We can tailor a plan for smile restoration that may include dentures, a bridge, or possibly

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