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Can My Teeth Be Saved? When To Consider Dental Implants

As we age and lose our teeth, some people turn to dentures. However, that isn’t the solution for everyone. 

Dental implants are another option you can turn to if you have missing teeth but do not want dentures or dental bridges. With dental implants, you can continue your daily life without the hassle of missing teeth that can hinder your ability to eat or speak. 

At Alaska Dental Art, we can help you with your cosmetic dentistry journey. If you’re unsure if your teeth can be saved, we’ll help you know when it’s time to consider dental implants. In this blog, you’ll learn what dental implants are and how you can benefit from getting them. 

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are a common intervention for tooth loss. Many people lose their teeth due to a poor oral hygiene, plaque and tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. 

A dental implant is when a small metal rod is placed into your jawbone to create a solid and permanent foundation and structure for a replacement tooth. Implants replace the tooth and the root, making them different from other tooth replacement options. 

Some people may experience discomfort, pain, or decreased confidence when they have missing or decaying teeth. Thanks to modern dental technology, replacing your teeth is easy and provides a natural looking smile. 

Getting dental implants can improve your smile, oral health, and quality of life. After getting your dental implants, you can return to the life you once had without having pain. 

Do You Need Dental Implants?

There are several tooth replacement options, such as dentures or dental bridges. However, you may not want to deal with the hassle of dentures and want a more permanent solution. If you’re wondering if dental Implants could be the right solution for you, here are a few factors to consider. 

How Many Teeth You Need Replaced

The number of teeth that need to be replaced can be a significant factor if dental implants are right for you. Whether you have one or multiple teeth missing, dental implants are a permanent solution, which means less maintenance or additional costs in the future. However, implants are the most expensive upfront, so it can get expensive if you have many teeth missing. If you need to replace a whole arch of teeth, a cosmetic dentist can often save you money by using four to strategically placed implants with a bridge or denture.

How Long You’ve Waited to Replace Your Teeth

Some people may wait a long time before seeking help for missing or damaged teeth. They may worry about the procedure or are unsure of their options. 

If you have had missing teeth for some time, you likely have experienced some bone loss. If your jawbone has deteriorated too much, you may not be a good candidate for dental implants, or you may need a bone graft. Your cosmetic dentist will perform X-rays to help you find the best solution for your bone loss. 

How Missing Teeth Is Affecting Your Life 

Having missing teeth can be a hinder to your daily life. From affecting your speech to the way you eat, it can cause discomfort or lower your self-esteem. If you’ve had to modify the kinds of food you can eat or how you chew, dental implants are a great option. 

Some people may also experience a dip in self-confidence in social situations or hide their smile. These can take a negative toll on your mental health. If you’ve noticed a negative impact on your mental health from your missing teeth, dental implants can help you return to a more confident state. 

If You’re Currently Wearing Dentures

Dental implants are a great option if you are currently wearing dentures and are ready to move on to other solutions. Dentures can help replace damaged or missing teeth, but they can be a daily hassle or uncomfortable. You can turn to a long-lasting solution if you’re ready to move on to the next step of having a great permanent smile. 

Why You Want Dental Implants

Consider why you want dental implants in the first place. Are you unhappy with how your smile looks? Are dentures uncomfortable or unattractive? Are you struggling to chew your food or pronounce words? Dental implants can address all of these concerns.  T 

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Why Should You Get Dental Implants?

When you have missing or damaged teeth, that’s a great time to consider dental implants. However, choosing what kind of solution you want is just as important. If you want a permanent solution that has less hassle than other tooth replacement options, this is a great choice. 

Having missing or damaged teeth can lead to other health issues. You may experience a shift in your teeth as your mouth tries to fill the gaps. Some may have a weakened bone structure as your jawbone immediately begins to deteriorate once your tooth falls out. 

Dental implants provide several benefits that can be better than other solutions for you. 


Many people worry about the appearance of their smile. With advanced dental technology, dental implants closely resemble natural-looking teeth. People won’t know that they are implants. 

They will also give you a straighter and brighter smile than before. Instead of hiding your smiling, you can return to a more confident you. 


Eating with missing teeth can be difficult. However, dental implants allow you to have all your teeth back and eat whatever foods you want, and in a natural way. 

Durable Solution

The strength of the replaced teeth and roots will help you find a permanent solution. You won’t have to worry about teeth that can be easily damaged. Dental implants will remain strong and last for a long time. 

Speak Naturally

Our teeth help us pronounce words. With missing teeth, you can experience things like lisps, making it hard to speak naturally. Replacing your teeth can give you a new opportunity to communicate without worry. 

Preserve Bone Structure

Since your bones are affected by missing teeth, getting a replacement will keep them from moving or weakening. Getting dental implants is a great way to keep your body healthy. 

What Is The Process Of Dental Implants?

All implant cases begin the same way with the initial consultation. This is where your dentist can figure out if dental implants are the right choice. You’ll go through taking X-ryas and 3D images to get a closer look at your remaining teeth and jawbone. 

We will empower and educate you during your consultation at Alaska Dental Arts. We don’t want to pressure you into getting dental implants if you don’t feel like it’s the right option for you. We will also answer any questions that you have regarding financing. This can include going over our Dental Savings Plan to help you pay for any dental services. 

If you are a candidate for dental implants, you’ll go through the dental implant procedure. 

  1. Your tooth will be extracted if it’s not already missing. 
  2. If needed, a bone graft will be placed and healed over three to six months.
  3. The implant will be placed and left to heal for at least three months.
  4. A temporary crown may be provided to maintain your smile during the healing process.
  5. Your final custom-made abutment and crown are attached to the implant.

We can help you return to a happy life with healthy teeth at Alaska Dental Arts. We’ll be there for every step in your dental implants journey. And if dental implants aren’t for you, we offer other cosmetic dentistry options that will suit your needs. 

We will help with your regular dental checkups and any dental issues you may be having. If you live in or around the Anchorage, Juneau, or North Pole areas, we can help you make your smile dreams come true. 

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