Cavities & Fillings

Dentistry for the Whole Family

What is a cavity?

A cavity is when bacteria gets inside your tooth and starts rotting and eating it away. It is actually an infection in your tooth, and we know this infection can spread toxins into your body. Cavities can cause systemic issues if that decay & infection is getting into your body. Your complete health is important to us, which is why we’re not all about “drilling and filling” and just managing your cavities.

We look at all of your risks and work to get you fully healthy. Some questions we’ll ask are: Why do you get cavities? What is the pH of your mouth? What is your genetic background? What does your nutrition and dietary intake look like? Therefore, knowing the answers to these questions will help us address the underlying causes of cavities so you can get back to complete health.

Make sure you are coming in regularly for cleanings and exams to ensure you stay cavity-free!

Family sitting on their porch, smiling at the camera. They are patients at Alaska Dental Arts

What is a filling?

A dental filling is one of the options we offer at Alaska Dental Arts to restore your smile after it has suffered from tooth decay or damage. If a tooth has experienced minor to moderate decay, your dentist may recommend a dental filling in Anchorage, Juneau, and North Pole, Alaska, to restore the tooth’s structure and health. After removing the decay from the tooth, our team will clean the tooth and fill it with the filling material. After shaping the filling to comfortably and aesthetically fit your tooth, we harden the dental filling for a lasting restoration.

Do I need a dental filling?

Our knowledgeable dental team may recommend a dental filling if your tooth requires repair but the damage is not extensive enough to require a dental crown. Fillings are one of the most conservative restorations we offer at our office, and they can usually be completed in just one comfortable visit to our dental practice. We offer both amalgam (silver) and composite (white) fillings at our office to accommodate all of your desires and needs. For more information on dental fillings and how we can restore your dental health, please contact us today. We are dedicated to returning your smile to optimal health!