Get the Smile You Deserve WithDentures

At Alaska Dental Arts, we give people a denture that’s indistinguishable from natural teeth, including the gums.

We use the best materials, the best teeth, and the best techniques to fabricate an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous denture that will fool anyone. People won’t know it’s a denture!

What are Dentures?

Have you lost several or all of your teeth? If so, it is likely that you have noticed a negative impact on your smile. The loss of teeth can cause problems with your ability to speak and eat as normal, and you may feel too self-conscious to smile because of your missing teeth. Tooth loss can also be detrimental to your overall oral health. In order to replace your missing teeth and restore your dental health, our caring dentists may recommend dentures. Dentures are one of the tooth replacements we provide to restore your smile and give you the confidence you need to smile with pride again. Dentures are made up of artificial teeth that are set into a base, which is pink colored to match the appearance of your gum tissue. The base sits on your gums and supports the replacement teeth.

* Medicaid may cover part or all of the costs of dentures. Call or chat now for a free audit of your denture benefits.

A smiling senior woman who has had dental implants from Alaska Dental Arts
Did you know?

Today's dentures are more realistic than ever!

What is the difference between complete and partial dentures?

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There are two main types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are designed to replace all of the teeth in a full dental arch. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are used when some natural teeth still remain in your smile. Our dentists will help you determine whether complete or partial dentures in AnchorageJuneau, and North Pole, Alaska, would be better for restoring your smile to its full potential.

* Medicaid may cover part or all of the costs of dentures. Call or chat now for a free audit of your denture benefits.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures are an affordable and convenient option to replace your missing teeth. They have been the go-to treatment for decades because they effectively restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile with ease. Although they have a bad reputation for looking and feeling fake, new advancements in dentistry create more realistic results.

The latest technology is used to craft your dentures to mimic the appearance of natural teeth while also providing a comfortable fit. Slipping and irritation are minimized, so you can enjoy many of your favorite foods and speak clearly. With the right aftercare, your new smile can last for several years using high-quality materials. Traditional options tend to last 5 years before needing to be replaced while newer solutions have the potential to last for several decades.

Your dentist performs a comprehensive consultation to assess your degree of tooth loss and discusses your desired results to choose a treatment that best meets your needs. Call or chat now to schedule a consultation with us and we can also provide a free audit of your denture benefits!