Man drinking to go cup of coffee with beautiful straight teeth from Invisalign

Do I Need to Stop Drinking Coffee If I Get Invisalign? 

Alaskans love their coffee and with a coffee stand on virtually every corner, it’s hard to resist a hot cup of bliss on chilly day. At Alaska Dental Arts, we are often asked, “Is it safe to drink coffee or other hot beverages with Invisalign in?” or “If I get Invisalign, will I be doomed to a life with no coffee while undergoing teeth straightening?” The answer to both questions is No.While you do need to take your trays out while drinking anything except water, as well as during mealtime, the good news is you can! 

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What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system of clear plastic trays used as orthodontic devices, better known as clear braces or clear aligners. These removable aligners are crafted from clear, smooth, BPA-free plastic and exchanged weekly. Unlike traditional braces, there are no metal brackets and no wires. Invisalign’s custom-made trays fit precisely over your teeth and move your teeth and jaw gradually to form an ideal arch. 

Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them horizontally and vertically and even rotating them when needed. Your aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time gently creating the smile of your dreams. Invisalign typically moves your teeth more quickly than traditional braces and does so almost invisibly and without the discomfort to cheeks and gums. Other people won’t even know you are wearing braces. 

But Seriously… Back to the Coffee

The best part of Invisalign technology, besides the fact that it is almost invisible, is the convenience of removing them during mealtime. Trays can be removed with the flick of a finger, popping them out of the mouth anytime, anywhere as discretely as you wish. While it is recommended that Invisalign trays remain in your mouth for at least 20 hours a day, including while sleeping, mealtime allows for a break. And unlike traditional braces, you are not restricted from eating certain foods like caramel, nuts, corn on the cobb or popcorn.

Do I Really Have to Remove My Trays? Why?

Your Invisalign aligners are durable and strong, but they are not indestructible. Eating and chewing can break, crack or distort the trays. Beverages like coffee, tea and even red wine can stain your trays, which may seem like a small price to pay when trays are typically changed out once every week. Nonetheless, because Invisalign trays are made of “thermoplastic”, drinking Hot beverages like coffee or tea can warp or cause damage to your trays. But do not worry— this is easily preventable! And at Alaska Dental Arts, we want you to have the best results as quickly and safely as possible. 

In addition to damaging your trays, eating and drinking while wearing trays can lead to tooth decay or possibly gum disease. Tiny particles of food or sugar from coffee or sodas can get logged under the trays causing decay to set in. Often our patients will use mealtime as an opportunity to brush and floss teeth and, also to soak trays in a denture solution or mouthwash to gently remove any unwanted debris.

We’re In This Together

Eating, drinking, and caring for your teeth can be a breeze with Invisalign as long as you pay close attention to the recommendations of your Alaska Dental Arts provider. Our compassionate team will guide and coach you as we work together to give you the smile of your dreams and improve your oral health.

Beyond Coffee… Tips For Managing Invisalign During Mealtime

Tips on Eating with Invisalign infographic

The decision to begin Invisalign may seem a bit daunting, but do not fear. We have put together some tips to help make the adjustment easier as you embark on your smile journey.


Do you normally find yourself eating on the go as you head to the office or running children to school? Eating in the car and missing the opportunity to brush and floss at home before a long day is not the best option for patients who wear Invisalign. If possible, try meal prepping the night before and eat breakfast before you leave house in the morning, remembering to brush those pearlies before popping your trays back in. If managing breakfast at home is just a bridge-too-far during a hectic week, it is okay. Pack a travel kit with toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss along with your Invisalign kit for safe storage of trays and practice good oral hygiene care at the office. You and your coworkers will surely benefit!

Lunch and Snacks

Eating during the day usually takes a little more planning since few of us have the luxury of going home from school or the office over a short lunch break. Consider keeping a kit with toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in your desk, locker or purse to make your good practices as hassle-free as possible. Save time by selecting foods that are less likely to get lodged between teeth such as yogurt, soft granola bars or fruits that do not have tiny seeds to contend with. Bite-sized morsels are a far better choice than foods that require tearing into. Plus they are gentler on your teeth, which may occasionally be tender from shifting.


Ideally, you will be eating at home and have the opportunity to soak your trays in a cleansing solution to freshen them up before bedtime. This is the perfect time to indulge in tougher, chewier foods like steak, corn on the cob, sticky desserts and popcorn as you unwind for the evening. Brushing and flossing before sleepy time will help keep your mouth fresh through the night and prevent decay.

We hope these tips will help make your life easier as you take those first steps towards improving your smile.

Alaska Dental Arts Is Your Best Choice For A Beautiful Smile

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