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Does Whitening Mouthwash Work? A Dentist’s Guide to At-Home Treatments

Could whitening mouthwash help you achieve the stunningly bright smile you desire? While this type of product probably won’t cause significant damage, it could cause teeth sensitivity and might not give you the noticeable results you want. For that, professional teeth whitening is usually a better choice.

If you’re considering using whitening mouthwash or any other OTC at-home teeth whitening method, it’s always a good idea to talk it over with your dentist first. For now, here are some facts your dentist can help you understand before you decide how to proceed.

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Facts You Should Know About Whitening Mouthwashes

5 Things You Should Know About Teeth Whitening Mouthwashes Infographic

Whitening mouthwash companies are quick to suggest that their products can make a major difference in your smile. Yet, as with any advertising, you may not get the whole story within their ads or packaging. Here’s what you should know about whitening mouthwash.

What Are the Ingredients?

While whitening mouthwashes may contain a wide variety of ingredients, the one that does the whitening is usually a form of hydrogen peroxide. This solution can address surface stains, tartar, and plaque to a certain extent. The best products penetrate the enamel to get to some of the deeper stains.

How Do You Use Teeth Whitening Mouthwash?

Using whitening mouthwash is simple, and it will have some effect if you are patient and committed. The first step is to brush and floss to be sure your teeth are as clean as possible. Only then should you use the special mouthwash. Swish it around your mouth, ensuring it makes contact with all your teeth. Swish for as long as the manufacturer recommends to get the best results.

How Often Should You Use Whitening Mouthwash?

Developing your whitening regimen takes a little thought and experimentation. Start by using this mouthwash once a day. However, if you experience sensitivity in your teeth and gums, you might decide that once every other day is better, though it will take longer to see maximum results. Talking to your dentist about this issue will help you get the best results with the least pain.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The amount of time needed to see results from whitening mouthwash is one of the main reasons our clients prefer professional teeth whitening instead. If you are using the mouthwash once a day, it will probably produce its maximum effect by the end of six weeks. However, if you use it only every other day, it might take twice as long. As a point of comparison, professional teeth whitening gives you a distinct improvement after just one hour.

Will Whitening Mouthwash Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

Whitening mouthwash can cause sensitivity in your teeth and gums. Using this method without consulting a dentist means you could be in pain without guidance on how to remedy it. The truth is that many products and procedures used for whitening teeth can cause sensitivity. The good news with professional teeth whitening is that your dentist is there to help you and offer suggestions for dealing with it.

How Well Does It Work?

If your doctor recommends a teeth-whitening mouthwash, they will also let you know what to expect. Your teeth will likely be whiter, but whether you notice it is another question. How can you tell? One suggestion is photographing your teeth while holding a white paper behind them before you begin. Then, after 6-12 weeks, take another photo and compare the two.

You may indeed see a difference. However, with professional teeth whitening, the results will be more obvious after one treatment session. You won’t have to hold up a white paper to see that your teeth are visibly whiter. For help with stubborn stains, such as removing tobacco stains, your dentist may strongly suggest professional teeth whitening.

Does It Help to Add Whitening Toothpaste?

If your dentist recommends a whitening mouthwash for you, they might also suggest using whitening toothpaste. The combination still won’t give you the same results as professional whitening, but it can make a difference. If you use both the whitening mouthwash and whitening toothpaste, be careful to deal with tooth sensitivity issues as soon as they arise. It’s always a good idea to check in with your dentist before using any store-bought teeth whitening products.

What Are the Best Teeth Whitening Mouthwash Products?

The best teeth-whitening mouthwash is one that is safe and effective in whitening your teeth. Most of these products are relatively inexpensive, and they are also reasonably safe. Some brands may whiten better, while others may be more prone to causing sensitivity. Your dentist is familiar with the best OTC dental care product brands and can lead you to the right options for you.

Your doctor may suggest you use an alcohol-free whitening mouthwash to avoid the dental problems that come with a dry mouth. Some products have aloe vera to ease sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide or other ingredients in the mouthwash.

Deciding on the brand should involve more than simply reading the packaging. While the major brands, such as Crest and Colgate, are easily recognized, there may be lesser-known brands that will work better for your teeth. Your dentist may recommend a brand you weren’t aware of or suggest a brand you already know well. Asking an expert is the best way to determine which brands have created safe and effective products. Your Alaska Arts dentist in the North Pole is ready to guide you on your whitening journey.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening mouthwash can have some effect on the appearance of your teeth. They may make your teeth somewhat whiter. Yet, professional teeth whitening has even more stunning effects. Your teeth will appear noticeably whiter, and it only takes one or two one-hour sessions, depending on your degree of staining.

In addition, you get the guidance of an expert when you have professional teeth whitening. They can ensure your safety while under their care. Professional whitening results can last six months to a year, while you may have to continue using other OTC products for the long term.

As for using at-home whitening products, your dentist can suggest the ones that work best and protect your oral health. Then, if you don’t get the results that you were looking for, your cosmetic dentist can offer additional suggestions.

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