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Should I Get Invisalign from a Cosmetic Dentist?

Thinking about straightening your teeth? Fantastic! Alaska Dental Arts is Alaska’s premier choice for cosmetic dentistry with offices in Juneau, Anchorage, and North Pole. ADA offers a wide range of dental services for the whole family, including Invisalign, America’s most widely used brand of clear aligners. Invisalign treatment achieves the same quality results as traditional braces, but without the discomfort of metal brackets or the hassle of going to the orthodontist. ADA is your one stop for all your oral care needs, including cosmetic dentistry services like Invisalign. 

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Your Smile Is Worth Sharing

Your smile was meant to be contagious! Everybody wants to feel confident when they smile and laugh. Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to see an orthodontist and address your smile needs. Like many, you’ve simply learned to live with crooked teeth or dealt with an uncomfortable bite for most of your life. Or perhaps you wore braces as a teenager and now find that your teeth have shifted again as you’ve gotten older, causing you to feel self-conscious. 

No matter your dental history, Alaska Dental Arts will meet you where you are on your smile journey and never pass judgment. Our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable as we partner together to create your best smile possible. 

5 Benefits of Invisalign That Impact Every Area of Your Life

5 More Benefits of Invisalign infographic

Straightening your teeth can have an enormous impact of your life. When you’re happy with your smile, it literally shows! That confidence and cheer spills over into every area of your life, including your career, personal relationships and overall wellbeing. In order to help you make the best decision, we’re sharing some of our favorite benefits of Invisalign.

1. Aesthetics That Make You Feel Like You’ve Had a Non-surgical Facelift

Aesthetics is certainly the most obvious benefit, as everyone desires to look their best. Did you know straightening your teeth with Invisalign may also feel like you’ve had a non-surgical facelift? As teeth move into their correct position, your smile widens. This causes the skin around your mouth and cheekbones to appear taut promoting a more youthful appearance. 

2. Cleaning Made Easy with Invisalign

Straighter teeth are easier to clean, lessening your risk for decay and gum disease. Traditional braces are known for making brushing and flossing a challenge. Often orthodontic patients find signs of staining and decay at the unveiling of their smile when their metal hardware is finally removed. Not so with Invisalign! Because Invisalign trays can be removed for cleaning, patients find their teeth and gums are healthier both during and after the straightening process than they might have been with traditional braces. 

3. Healthy Teeth are Beautiful Teeth… and Easy on Your Wallet

Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth, giving you a look of vitality and wellness. Moreover, healthy teeth are easier on the pocketbook, as no one enjoys the burden of restorative or emergency dental care! Still, our goal at Alaska Dental Arts is provide the best comprehensive care for all your dental needs and do so in the most comfortable way possible.

4. Dining Made Easy with Invisalign

Creating a more functional bite makes dining more enjoyable too. As teeth line up as they are intended, chewing and eating become easier, and who doesn’t enjoy a good meal? While you are on your Invisalign journey, there are no restrictions of your favorite foods. Simply pop your aligners out of your mouth during mealtime and don’t forget to brush when your meal is through.

5. Relief From Teeth Grinding and TMJ Pain

If you’ve ever suffered from TMJ pain and associated morning headaches, Invisalign may offer relief. While stress is often hailed as the culprit for teeth grinding and tension headaches that radiate from the jaw, there is a symbiotic relationship between stress, tooth alignment and overall health of the TMJ. When teeth are out of alignment, there is tension on the jaw. The greater the tension, the more likely you are to grind. Likewise, the more you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, the greater the tension and irritation on the TMJ. The cycle may seem to never end. However, many Invisalign patients have noticed a difference in improved sleep and a reduction in teeth grinding as welcome side effects of using Invisalign.

Your Journey to a More Beautiful Smile Begins Here!

Ready to take that first step to a beautiful smile with Invisalign? Let’s talk about that process beginning with your first consultation at any one of our three locations. Book your appointment online here!

Mapping the pathway to a beautiful smile has never been easier, thanks to Invisalign’s cutting edge technology. When you come for your initial consultation, your Alaska Dental Arts dentist will use 3D imaging to customize a treatment plan tailored specifically for you. Your ADA dentist will map out the path to your new smile, right down to the tiniest shift. Invisalign technicians will then create a series of clear aligner trays made uniquely for you. Soon you’ll be on your way to the smile you’ve always wanted!

How Long Will It Take to Transform Your Smile?

Like your smile, your Invisalign treatment plan is 100% uniquely you! While the average time is generally 12 months, every case is different. Do your teeth need to shift a little or a lot? The more extensive the shift, the greater the time can be expected. Also, the more malleable your jaw structure the faster and easier it is for teeth to move. Your ADA dentist will be your trusted partner, coaching you every step of the way from your first tray all the way to the finish line. We’re here as always to help you achieve your greatest smile goals!

Luxury Dentistry at an Affordable Price

At ADA we believe everyone deserves the same gold standard dental care. ADA seeks to break down all barriers to great dental care, welcoming all Alaskans to experience luxury dentistry at an affordable price. 

While we do accept most types of insurance, we also accept Care Credit third-party financing. We believe you should never have to postpone the treatments you need due to budget constraints.

ADA Dental Savings Plan: Quality Care for Less Than a Dollar a Day!

We want to see your smile dreams come true, even if you do not have insurance. So, we have created our own Dental Savings Plan to bring your smile goals to fruition.

You’ll enjoy discounts on everything from crowns to implants and the LOWEST fee schedule in the state of Alaska!

If you are considering straightening your teeth, ADA’s Dental Savings Plan offers $1,000 Off Invisalign and 50% Off Teeth Whitening. 

What do you have to lose? 

  • No annoying claim forms 
  • No waiting periods 
  • No yearly maximums

Now Is the Perfect Time to Begin Your Smile Journey!

There is no time like the present to begin your smile journey. Whether you are looking for general, preventive dentistry or other cosmetic and restorative services, Alaska Dental Arts offers the most advance techniques and is dedicated to creating a comfortable, luxury environment for all your dental needs.

Our team of compassionate professionals look forward to partnering with you to make decisions you can feel confident about and create the smile you always wanted.

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