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Teeth Whitening for Weddings: 10 Tips for Stunning Teeth on Your Big Day

If you want a stunning, picture-perfect smile for your wedding day, your dentist can help. Professional teeth whitening can help you achieve the absolute best results over OTC products. Here are more tips on creating that stunning smile for your big day.

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Ten Tips to Create a Wedding-Ready Smile

Are you ready? Here are ten tips to help you have a white, attractive smile on your wedding day. Working as a team, at home, and with your dentist, you can bring out the best in your smile!

10 Tips for Beautifully White Teeth on Your Wedding Day Infographic

1. Schedule a consultation with your dentist.

Going in for a cosmetic consultation with your dentist allows us to address any major problems or suggest dental procedures that could make your teeth look better. If possible, go a few months before your wedding, so we have time to do any dental work you need. Of course, if the wedding is coming up very soon, we can still take care of teeth whitening before your big day.

2. Have your teeth whitened at the right time.

If you use OTC teeth whiteners, you need to start teeth whitening a few months before the big event. It takes time for those products to work. However, professional teeth whitening yields much faster results. In just one treatment, you could have the sparkling smile you want.

Sometimes, our clients want a second teeth whitening treatment if they have stubborn stains. If this sounds like your situation, give yourself enough time for two appointments. Your dentist can advise you how long that will take during your consultation. When the whitening process is complete, it should last up to three months. Of course, if you have regular teeth whitening every six months to a year, you’re already on track to look your best on your wedding day.

3. Know what foods to eat or avoid.

Be careful about what you eat before your wedding day. In the months before your wedding, avoid dark or sticky foods that can stain your teeth. Examples include coffee, red wine, barbecue sauce, and balsamic vinegar.

Some foods will help your teeth look whiter. Crunchy foods like apples, celery, and other raw fruits and vegetables keep your smile looking clean and bright. That’s because the fiber in these foods acts as a natural and gentle abrasive.

4. Deal with tooth sensitivity.

You probably don’t want to be distracted by tooth sensitivity on this important occasion. If you have ongoing sensitivity or temporary sensitivity due to the whitening process, your dentist can help you. They can recommend special toothpaste and desensitizing gels for sensitive teeth. In addition, your dentist can apply fluoride varnish directly to your teeth. This treatment should keep your teeth pain-free for up to eight weeks.

5. Maintain good oral health during this busy time.

The months or weeks leading up to your wedding are typically extremely busy. That’s why many people neglect their usual dental care routines during this time. Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, be even more vigilant about protecting your oral health. Brush, floss, and have your regular cleanings as usual to avoid dental problems on your big day.

6. Choose the right toothpaste.

There is no single toothpaste that works best for everyone. You might need a more abrasive toothpaste if you have tough stains, but if you only have mild stains, you might be better off with a less abrasive type. Silica toothpaste is more abrasive, and Kaolin clay and bentonite work better for people with mild or no stains and sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist which is best for you.

7. Stick to alcohol-free mouthwash.

Most mouthwashes have alcohol among their ingredients. Unfortunately, the alcohol tends to dry out composite bonding and other types of dental work. It can weaken your tooth structure, too. Look for a colorless, alcohol-free mouthwash for the best results.

8. Use a straw.

If you really want to drink something that might stain your teeth, consider sipping it through a straw. This way, you can avoid getting a staining liquid on your teeth. After you finish your drink, rinse well with clear water. You might not ordinarily drink red wine through a straw, but at this crucial time, you can keep your teeth whiter if you do.

9. Be picky about your jewelry and lipstick colors.

The apparent color of your teeth is affected by the things you wear near them. For example, certain lipstick colors, such as magenta, will make your teeth look yellower. Try a red, rose, or sheer color to show off the brilliance of your whitened teeth.

Your jewelry can also change the appearance of your teeth. For instance, gold jewelry makes your teeth look yellower, while whiter-toned jewelry, such as diamond or pearl earrings, makes your teeth look whiter.

10. Use these last-minute touch-up tricks.

Even if you’ve done everything right so far, you could have a minor whiteness issue on your wedding day. Life happens, and you may notice a stain or small crack when it’s too late to go back to the dentist. If that happens, you can pat a small dab of petroleum jelly on it. Then, it won’t be obvious in your wedding photos. On the other hand, if you have a serious break or chip, it’s best to deal with that issue as soon as possible.

Why Have Professional Teeth Whitening for Weddings?

Although professional whitening can be a bit more expensive than OTC products, the results are typically much better. With over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, you have to start earlier, do it several times, and it may even damage the enamel of your teeth. Besides that, it doesn’t work well for tough stains.

Professional teeth whitening can eliminate difficult stains in fewer sessions without damaging your teeth. In addition, you have our professional guidance to be sure you get the best results possible, given your specific challenges and the condition of your teeth.

Alaska Dental Arts for Teeth Whitening for Weddings

At Alaska Dental Arts, we provide dental services, focusing on cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening. We also offer other options that can help you achieve the perfect smile for your wedding day, including veneers, dental bonding, teeth straightening with clear aligners, and more. If your teeth are crooked or severely stained, we may recommend a more aggressive treatment option to help you achieve the absolute best results.

Our expert dental team provides you with guidance so that you can make the best choices for your dental care. We welcome anyone in Alaska, including Anchorage and the North Pole, who needs family dental care or cosmetic services such as teeth whitening. As for your wedding day, we’re here to help you look your magnificent best!

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